Save Our Oceans

Save Our Oceans

Published on:August 20th 2021

23rd July 2021
The week beginning Monday 19th July, the whole school took part in a “Save Our Oceans” project. Children learnt about the effects we as humans have on our oceans, the animals that populate them and the part we can play in supporting our oceans and animals within them. The children produced some fantastic learning including:
Non-chronological reports
Letters to Boris Johnson
Information texts
Their very own pledges for the future
Art work
Children were also asked to bring in bottle lids to create a whole school project.  The fish was created from all recycled plastic bottle lids and showcases a school community focus of recycling. We will continue to collect bottle caps and will be donating them to a company that uses 3D printing to turn plastic into mechanical hands and arms for children, with the products being sent around the world.  The patterns are unique and colourful, designed to make children feel confident and empowered. 


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