Not at School Assembly

Not at School Assembly

Published on:March 28th 2020

Dear friends in our local schools,

You remain in my daily prayers. I know it's exhausting and tense for you and the staff working with you to care for children during this time. Thank you!

If it would help to chat at any time, please do email me or call on 01902 731 462.

I've posted a 'Not-at-school assembl' video on YouTube, singing 'Great Big God' and 'Be bold, be strong', and talking about God's rainbow promise that bad and scary times do come to an end. Feel free to use it in school if you think it's appropriate (though it's aimed at those currently at home). If you're able to send the link to parents at home that would be great.

Thank you - and I hope you have a good weekend when you get to it.


Rev. Nick Walton


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